Animated Commercial Process


1.) Explore the needs and wants for project vision.

2.) Gather resources and discuss inspirational ideas that pertain to the project vision.


3.) Sketch out rough ideas in storyboard form. Animatic may be supplied due to project complexity.

-- Send to client for review and feedback --

4.) Create visuals

--Music and voiceover is absolutely required to move forward. Please refer to the music licensing

section on page two.

5.) Timing of each scene is determined using the music and voiceover.

6.) Character rigging and animation.

-- At this point, depending on project complexity, additional progress drafts may be sent to client for

review and feedback, otherwise, project continues to next step --

7.) Complete editing of scenes and fine-tune video timing. If needed, apply filter/color correction.

-- Send to client for review and feedback --

8.) Revisions made.

Please note, revisions are expected, however the time spent on final revisions should not exceed

10% of the total amount of time spent on project. Additional hourly billing may be required for overtime.

-- Send to client for review and feedback --


9.) Finalize and deliver commercial via cloud storage. All project files will be backed up on a local

host. File format: Quicktime with H.246 codec,1920x1080 progressive scanning. Please note, movie

will display best on computer monitors and web. TV broadcast formatting is available upon request.

An editable version of the project will not be made available, however Schroeder Creations can provide

additional variations of the end product for an additional cost.

Music Licensing: licensing documentation for any music and / or sound effects that is not under the

common creatives license will be provided. Schroeder Creations does it’s best to provide licensing

that is appropriate for the client’s usage and size of audience. Upgrading licenses after project

completion is the responsibility of the client.


The following is a general scenario for a 30 second animation. In some cases, project timeline may vary.

Projected completion dates:

1.) Storyboard: 1-2 weeks from start of project.

2.) First draft: 2.5 weeks from start of project.

3.) Final draft with revisions: 3 weeks from start of project.

4.) Project complete: 3-4 weeks from start of project.

Total project length: 3-4 weeks.

Additional elements outside of the project scope may require additional time.

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